Young Entrepreneur Program

Our Young Entrepreneur Program was developed in 2017 after our College Financial Literacy course. The program was designed as an outgrowth from our Pre-College Financial Literacy Course, previous students accepted in our program have mentioned,

“I am positive that my acceptance into Cornell University was influenced by my participation in the Young Entrepreneur Program.” – Zapporah, Freshman at Cornell

The program is still in testing mode and is only accepting a limited amount of students for our 2018 session. The program has two tracks:

  • High School Track – The program start in July of their Junior or Senior year. Students can work up to 5 hours a week. Students meet once a week in the Northern Virginia office on Saturday morning. Students are expected to wear business casual during weekly meetings.
  • Gap Year Track – The program start in July and students can work up to 10 hours a week. Students meet once a week in the Northern Virginia office on Saturday afternoon and have a virtual meeting on Wednesday morning. Students are expected to wear business casual during weekly meetings whether virtual or in-office.

The program comprises of four courses along with focused workshops, seminars and industry workshops. Students at the end of the program have an opportunity to pitch during our 2018 Young Entrepreneur Pitch Contest. This pitch contest will award $10,000 to their new business venture. To learn more about our Young Entrepreneur Pitch Contest, click here.

Course Structure

  • New Venture Planning & Entrepreneurship
  • Financial Management
  • Effective Marketing Strategies
  • Business Strategy

Delia Fellowship

Students program fees are waived and they are paid their state’s minimum wage to start their own company. After their company is formalized, their new company will be paid up to $500 month until the close of the program in December. All Delia Fellows are expected to sign term sheets with Good Management & Investments. Currently accepted fellows have above a 4.0 GPA and a SAT score average of 1400.


All program participants should be between the ages of 16 to 21.


The program is $1750 for high school students. While gap year students cost is $2700.

Apply for the 2018 Session of the Young Entrepreneur Program

All students who submit a pitch deck will be eligible for the Delia Fellowship. Eligible candidates will be given the opportunity to pitch their business in early 2018.

High School Transcript (unofficial copy)
Pitch Deck
SAT Score
ACT Score