Price Packages

Business Consultants

Our business consultants price packages have affordable plans that have been developed to help every small business owners to expand their revenue. We have a preference for areas that are underdeveloped to help grow the American small businesses who have been overlooked by typical management consultancies and investment firms. We expect our clients to outgrow our firm by the first year. For the first year of services, we provide:

  • Access to our knowledgeable business consultants on a weekly basis to design a marketing strategy to recruit new clients and customers.
  • Develop a financing strategy for business growth through federal procurement, grants, and/or low-interest loans.
  • Create and maintain website with online payment feature.
  • Manage online marketing with SEO, email marketing, social media, and other digital marketing techniques.
  • Grassroots marketing strategy including hiring local representatives to promote your products and services within your area.
  • Work with state and federal legislators to advocate for small and mid-size business concerns.

Please read our terms of agreement and complete payment below.

Consulting Fee

Payment Plan

You can also work by payment plan of $500 for five months.

Total Amount: $500.00
Recurring Payment: $500.00