SBA InnovateHER Survey

What did you think of the SBA InnovateHER competition overall?
Would you have preferred an additional 3-minute pitch performed by the top three contestants?
Should catering have been provided?
Would you have preferred to see the business plan grading rubric before the event?
How prepared were the judges with appropriate questions?
If we had an additional pitch competition in the next three months, would you participate if there was a mandatory business plan course?
Which class options would you prefer?
If we have an additional pitch competition, how much money should be awarded and with how much frequency?
Would you have preferred a pitch competition by categories? If so, what category would you place your company (ie. technology, publishing, etc)?
If you are a tech company, if we required the winner to hire at least one diverse developer to receive the prize, would you still participate?
Would you still apply, if we required the winner to work with a business consulting agency capable of assisting your company to gain additional venture capital and government funding?
Name (optional):
E-mail (optional):
Any additional comments or concerns?