Good Management and Investments was conceived by the founders Kristoffer Adams and Ebonique Boyd to help spur economic growth in areas that are either ignored by larger business consulting firms, or pushed toward gentrification that fails to respect the heart of the community. The partners bring a combined fifteen years experience in challenging the political status quo, experience that will serve the urban community in joining the entrepreneurial startup culture that is sweeping American cities

Kristoffer Adams, Partner

Kristoffer Adams studied criminology at the University of Memphis and learned that the lack of economic opportunity creates crime-filled neighborhoods. He went on to become a civic leader, well known both locally in Tennessee and across the United States, speaking about the problem of wealth disparity impacting the poor. Adams joined Good Management and Investments to put his civic theories to the test and go beyond public speaking towards action. He believes that small business owners are the backbone of this country and is motivated to help them succeed.

Ebonique Boyd, Partner

Over six years of experience building winning campaigns in over four states, Ebonique Boyd has managed to create strategies that engage audiences consistently under-budget and above expectations. She joined Good Management and Investments to challenge the prevailing stereotypes and break socio-economical barriers. She has a bachelors at Howard University and attended graduate school at the University of Oxford, St. Antony’s College.