Farnoosh Torabi on being a breadwinner and other news around the web

Farnoosh Torabi on being a breadwinner and other news around the web

Some news across the web on women and entrepreneurship, including some thoughts from Farnoosh Torabi on being the female breadwinner.

Farnoosh Torabi female breadwinners

11.9.2016 News for Women like Farnoosh Torabi

“I find that in marriages where breadwinning women are really thriving with their partners … they actually team up with their husbands,” Torabi said. “I find that we forget we are in a partnership and this person sitting next to you wants nothing more than to support you.”

Women are sometimes tempted to do it all alone, but Torabi says that’s a “fast route to disaster.” She instead suggests women ask their partners to claim responsibility for important household tasks, from acting as caretaker to the children to managing the bills.”

“A lot of the guys thought I was just the cleaning lady,” says Hicks. She would often play along, not wanting to tip her hand. “I wanted to compete with the guys at first, without them knowing who I was,” she adds. Her commercial construction company did a little over $500,000 in contracts last year, and almost the same this year. She’s already got $1.5 million in contracts lined up for 2017.”

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