Microloans for Small & New Businesses

microloansGood Management & Investments provides microloans for clients to pay for our services and any necessary costs to grow their business. Our microloans are provided for  a period of one-year and they are only available to students who participate in one of our Entrepreneurship 101 courses. These courses are designed to help accelerate your business or future business.

We believe that lending is a means to an end, so we discourage clients from paying for our services through loans after the first year. Our business consulting has been created to maximize the ability of our clients to build critical thinking skills, encourage a strong financial background, and to reinforce positive relationships between former students.

The problem with other microloan providers is that they offered small loans without guidance. Our model is designed to provide microloans with professional guidance. Our consultants with their business experience and connections can help small businesses and future businesses succeed.

Find out how you can apply for a microloan by signing up to our next Entrepreneurship 101 course near you.

Low Credit or Bad Credit

Research has indicated that microloans can have a repayment rate of up to 90% when accompanied by guidance and community involvement. Our microloans are provided without a credit check for former students who participated in an Entrepreneurship 101 course. We are believers in building wealth in areas that are underserviced and underdeveloped. So we offer microloans of up to $30,000 for individuals who have great ideas to improve the community around them with for-profit companies.

Maximize Savings

Our model is designed to help each individual build wealth. You can’t be wealthy beholden to debt, so we designed a Rotating Savings and Credit Association for former clients to continue learning about building wealth without paying for services. This program is available to former clients to help them save to learn more, please click here.