Volunteering to Reaffirm Your Corporate Values

Volunteering to Reaffirm Your Corporate Values

Every business leader should volunteer to engage and challenge themselves to truly understand the market. I had the opportunity to attend Ladies of Liberty Alliance (LOLA) Leadership Conference and I returned to NYC truly invigorated to face the challenges before me. We had the opportunity to strengthen our own beliefs with like-minded individuals and to encourage one another to face the challenges before us. It also helped me strengthen my own ideals for the corporate values of Good Management and Investments by allowing myself to talk to other female innovators who have a unique feminine perspective to business and life.

On the Elevator Pitch Workshop



I had to create an elevator pitch to recruit individuals into the Ladies of Liberty Alliance local New York City club and I really enjoyed mine and wanted to share with my clients and prospective clients,

“Only 4% of CEOs at Fortune 500 companies are women. There are debates on why women aren’t able to move-up the ladder at these companies, but there is less talk on why women aren’t just making their own damn ladders. Why women aren’t starting new businesses instead of relying on a man to promote them?

As a business executive who volunteers her time with Ladies for Liberty Alliance, I have a chance to not see myself as a victim of a man’s selection, but to hold my own destiny. I meet women who are unashamed of thinking for themselves and making their own opportunities. I think you’re a free thinker that might enjoy that as well.”

The women who shared how they came to liberty stories were truly inspirational and self-affirming. Each story reflected my own perspective as well. I was truly honored that Nena Whitfield asked me to recount mine again on their website. (Read here) It gave me the opportunity to think about my own personal story of liberty. I didn’t realize how positive my own perception of liberty would be until I placed the words onto paper. I’m hopeful that I can pull in my own family history of good values bringing a successful life towards my new company Good Management and Investments. I believe corporate values that promote the market’s needs are essential to growing a strong company.

I also enjoyed the new head shot that I received (included in this post to humble brag about it).*

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