Common Issues with a SAM.GOV account

Common Issues with a SAM.GOV account issuesWhen new clients are interested in working with the federal government, there are several hoops that need to be dealt with. The first step is setting up a SAM.GOV account. The System for Award Management or “SAM” is an official website of the U.S. government.

The system was developed by IBM with a $74 million dollar eight-year contract to consolidate all federal government agencies bidding processes onto one website. The website had been fraught with security and usability complaints since the launch in 2010.

This blog post will deal with how to solve the common issues users face.

IRS TIN Matching Validation Error for SAM.GOV

The IRS TIN Matching Validation error is a frequent occurrence for first-time applicants. Many small businesses change their names frequently to suit their clients or their expectations. However, the information on your EIN and the name on your DUN’s number must be exactly the same.

You can correct the issue by changing the information listed by the IRS and/or Duns and Bradstreet. The IRS has a shorter process to change the EIN number, while changing the DUN number takes up to seven days. (The Government Accountability office filed a 17-page report  on the “effectiveness” of the Duns and Bradsheet identification numbers in 2012.)

If the issue isn’t resolved through matching your EIN and DUN, you can than call (866) 606-8220 to talk to an operator.

Additional Reading

For further reading on security and userbility issues, please see the following:

  1. LA Times Article
  2. Federal News Radio, “Cyber vulnerability in GSA’s SAM portal exposes vendors’ data”.


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