GOOD Partners

good partnershipsOur nonprofit venture for financial literacy is seeking new partnerships with a interest in connecting to future and current young entrepreneurs. We have database of 10,000 people in areas such as Houston, Nashville, Memphis, Brooklyn, and New Orleans.

GOOD has been founded to help motivate more people to create new businesses. There has been a steady decline in entrepreneurship over the last four decades. We offer business consulting at a flat-rate and affordable pricing with the primary goal of spurring economic growth.

Brooklyn offers an ideal place for our business venture. The community and network of individuals interested in pursuing a better life for themselves is unique to the Brooklyn area. We welcome a partner who adheres to our vision and pushes higher standards of excellence.  To become a partner, please schedule a time to speak with an associate by emailing We will respond back within 24 to 48 hours.

Currently, we are focusing in the New York City and Memphis regions. However, we have also worked with high school students in the Appalachia region.

Pitch Competition with SBA InnovateHer

We are looking for individuals and companies who believe in every Americans ability to achieve their own version of prosperity.  We have reached out to prominent individuals in the Memphis and New York City area for assistance. If you are interested in contributing, you may do so here:

For $10,000, to become a named sponsor for our entrepreneurship scholarships.

For $20,000, to offer an award for the best winning pitch in our competition.