“Zero to One Hundred” Series for the Young Entrepreneur

“Zero to One Hundred” Series for the Young Entrepreneur

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Good Management Investments is planning a “Zero to One Hundred” series every Tuesday for the Young Entrepreneur. This series will look at young and fabulous people who have successfully transitioned into being their own boss. We will find out how people have broke the chains of looking for employment and instead created their own employment. Each week, we will ask different question to gain insight on how today’s young entrepreneurs grew their businesses to become giants.


We want to help all young entrepreneurs to succeed, so we plan on promoting fun topics that will help you build your business brand and expand.

Some topics include:

  • Business Cards & Networking
  • Tips on Building Revenue
  • Blogging and AdSense
  • Writing a Book with a Full-Time Job
  • Turning Make-up Tutorials into a Full-Time Job
  • Building Revenue at the Club
  • How does Race or Gender impact funding?
  • The Philosophy of an Entrepreneur
  • The Moral Case for Wealth-Building
  • Expanding Your Reach Nationally and Beyond
  • Public Relations, Is there a journalist out there?
  • Technology: Learning or Outsourcing?

We plan on asking the best people of the business. If you think you are the right person to help us out, please email us at info@gmiltd.us. If you have a recommendation to be featured on the website, please fill out the following form:

What did you think of the SBA InnovateHER competition overall?
Would you have preferred an additional 3-minute pitch performed by the top three contestants?
Should catering have been provided?
Would you have preferred to see the business plan grading rubric before the event?
How prepared were the judges with appropriate questions?
If we had an additional pitch competition in the next three months, would you participate if there was a mandatory business plan course?
Which class options would you prefer?
If we have an additional pitch competition, how much money should be awarded and with how much frequency?
Would you have preferred a pitch competition by categories? If so, what category would you place your company (ie. technology, publishing, etc)?
If you are a tech company, if we required the winner to hire at least one diverse developer to receive the prize, would you still participate?
Would you still apply, if we required the winner to work with a business consulting agency capable of assisting your company to gain additional venture capital and government funding?
Name (optional):
E-mail (optional):
Any additional comments or concerns?

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