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Goals Genius is Brooklyn’s Regional Winner for SBA’s InnovateHER

goals genius

Bianca Cabrera, founder of Goals Genius

Brooklyn, NY

June 3, 2017 – Good Management & Investments (GOOD) partnered with the Small Business Administration (SBA) to select a regional winner for InnovateHER. Over 80 women submitted their business plan to improve the lives of other women and families. The event was held on June 2, 2017 at 6pm at the Co-Lab Factory.

“Women-only pitch competitions was an eye-opener for me. It had a completely different feel than other pitch competitions that I have seen in the past,” said participating judge, Busayo Odunlami, the Chief Operating Officer at Venture Smarter.

“After reading these business plans,” Ebonique Ellis, co-founder of GOOD said at the event,


“I am positive that the future of CEOs of Fortune 500 companies reside in this room.” The event had founders of OuiShave, Sukoon Active, and LuxLock in attendance. However, the judges selected Bianca Cabrera’s pitch for Goals Genius as the regional winner.

According to Ms. Cabrera’s business plan, “Goals Genius is a SaaS web and mobile platform that is designed by and built for teachers and school administrators to improve and provide evidence for the required documentation in special education, as well as help proactively manage growth and accommodations for students with disabilities.  All information can be transparently shared with teachers, students, and families to enable all stakeholders to support our students who need it the most.”

Ms. Cabrera has been a special education teacher for over five years. While her founding partner Craig Limoli is an MBA candidate at the Wharton Business School. He has worked in technology strategy consulting for IBM.

Goals Genius has already received the Social Innovation Award from Teach for America. If they receive the first place award through the InnovateHER award, they would have enough funding to complete the prototype.

Women Founders pitching for SBA InnovateHER

Hosting this event, allowed many of the women-led technology start-ups to be introduced to the company Inclusion. Saeed Jabaar, founder of Inclusion, volunteered to help judge this event. His nonprofit focused on educating more diverse communities computer coding. Ms. Cabrera at the end of the event mentioned that she intends to use his company to help fill out her developer team. She has said, “Diversity is important to me. My ambition is to have a more diverse developer team and to encourage more female participation in the tech field.”

Mr. Limoli remarked that, “The entrepreneurship course offered by Good Management & Investments has helped us put together the missing pieces of our business plan.” While other participants such as, Kim Bush of Baden Baden Bath House, used the course to formalize an idea into a working strategy.

After the success of working with the SBA for InnovateHER, GOOD is looking to hold more pitch competitions in the coming year.


About Good Management & Investments

Good Management and Investments was founded in July 2016 to fulfill the market’s need for low-cost affordable business consulting packages for new entrepreneurs. Its mission is to value human capital and productivity.


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Women Entrepreneurs Given Pathway to Success by SBA

$70,000 in Prize Money rewarded by Small Business Administration for Women Entrepreneurs

Brooklyn, NY, PR Newswire

May 12, 2017 – Good Management & Investments (GOOD) is partnering with the Small Business Administration (SBA) to select local winners for InnovateHER. This local competition was established to encourage more women entrepreneurs in the United States. The event is held 6pm on June 2nd at the Co-Lab Factory (14 Dekalb Ave, Brooklyn NY). Eligible business owners are encouraged to apply here.

Contestants will be judged based on providing products or services that have a measurable impact on the lives of women and families (30%), have the potential for commercialization (40%), and fill a need in the marketplace (30%). They are also required to provide a business plan.

The local judges come from wide and varied background, but they all are focused on greater gender equity in the United States. Saeed Jabaar, the Executive Director at Inclusion, has volunteered his time to help assess participants’ ability to have a measurable impact on the lives of women and family. His company has helped dozens of people from low-income communities to provide greater security for their family through supplying in-demand job training.

While Busayo Odunlami, the Chief Operating Officer at Venture Smarter and a consultant for the World Bank, has volunteered his time to assess the potential for commercialization. He has helped educate hundreds on finance and his work is leading the charge for smarter cities.

Finally, Ebonique Ellis, the Chief Executive Officer at GOOD, will be assessing whether the product or service fills a need in the marketplace. She has worked with numerous small businesses across the United States to help them create added value for their company.

Good Management & Investments is also offering an entrepreneurship course that will help participants write out a business plan. Although, the scholarship period has ended, the course is provided for the low cost of $45. Students in the class will have the opportunity to write out a business plan that can be used for the competition.

About Good Management & Investments

Good Management and Investments was founded in July 2016 to fulfill the the market’s need for low-cost affordable business consulting packages for new entrepreneurs. Its mission is to value human capital and productivity.


14 Dekalb Ave, 3rd Fl

Brooklyn, NY 11201


The Credit Score is the only grade that matters to the College Entrepreneur

Guest writer here, talking about credit as a college student.

College EntrepreneurTo be ahead of your classmates and ready for life after college, it be a good idea to consider racking up your credit reliability while in college and not after. Building credit should start as soon as possible, so that you can have a good credit score after graduating college. The first thing you need do is open a credit card account. Now you need to have a way to pay for the monthly bill payments, so don’t just open account with no means to make money. A credit account is all about paying the card on time, because if you can’t, you are only hurting yourself. Holding down a part-time or seasonal job should be enough to pay those bills on time, and the job will make you look more reliable to your card holders. This is not to say a person living off of expanses or savings can’t open an account or looks awful in the eyes of card holders. But when you report that your employed, the holders feel assured that you have a means to pay them back.

So how should you advance your card score, once you have the card? The score naturally goes up as you show the ability to pay your card ON TIME. By two years of paying ON TIME, so when you enter junior year, you can increase your credit line. You have shown your reliability, and you get rewarded. You should be able to increase your credit line every 1-2 years, if you have a history of paying ON TIME. Meaning by Senior year, it happens again. It’s okay to spend money on your card now, and reaped the rewards which some credit card companies give for spending. Make sure you can pay on time. An easy way of doing this is having a savings account where you naturally put some money every week or month.

Your Credit Score will be Terrific

By the time you graduate, your credit score will be terrific. You can most likely get a new credit card with better benefits and features than the first. If you believe you are unable to pay two cards at the same time, don’t get it. You have time. The goal is to increase credit score anyway. Keep your attention on your student loans; they are also reported on your credit score, so paying them on time is also important. Check your credit score often, maybe 3-4 times a year, after you get out of college.

If your parents have a worse credit score than you, parental identity theft can happen. If you notice this, the first thing you should do is calmly talk them. See whats going on on their side, and try to negotiate. If it gets out of hand, though, law enforcement involvement is needed.

Financial Education is the key to Financial Freedom

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“Financial freedom is available to those who learn about it and work for it.” – Robert Kiyosaki

There has been a growing epidemic of financial illiteracy in the United States. Our current culture has continually encouraged us to equate debt as a necessary evil. The best and brightest of this country are being pushed into expensive colleges even before they decide their careers. While good entry level jobs for those without a college diploma have become non-existent.

bandsPrioritizing Financial Education

The current crisis requires financial education from each and every one of us. We all need to learn about ways to increase our assets and decrease our liabilities. Innovation starts with accumulating financial literacy. Every Thursday, GOOD will be publishing a new blog on financial education. Our blog series will also post fun quotes to post and share on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. We want to encourage you to share your own financial education journey with your own friends and family, Therefore, the more people who become aware of how wealth is created, the more you will find opportunities to success.

We look forward to working with you on your journey. If you’re ready to take the next steps in your future, please schedule a consultation. Services provided can help young entrepreneurs achieve financial success. As a result, we cater to a young and diverse audience looking to break financial barriers.


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